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Visiting Yosemite and Sequoia National Park

June 12th to 14th

The Only View I Got of Yosemite

I started driving to Yosemite without doing any research, I should’ve learned my lesson from the Canadian border situation but I didn’t think anything of it. About 3 hours into my 5 hour drive I saw a sign that said reservations are required at Yosemite, problem is, I didn’t have cell service to make a reservation. I just kept on trucking, fuck it, I’ll figure it out at the gates.

I didn't figure it out at the gates. I have this horribly unhealthy idea that I can get myself into or out of any situation using words, it’s not always true. I pulled up to the gate and explained to the Ranger that I did not have a pass but I was here to buy one.

Me: No I don't have a pass, I saw the signs on the way in but I figured I'd just buy one here.

Ranger: Okay, well you can't do that. You have to buy it online.

Me: Great, do you have wi-fi by any chance?

Ranger: The next available reservation is in 8 days.

Me: 8 days?! But I only brought 12 beers.

Ranger: *Laughs* Well, you're welcome to camp in the parking lot for 7 days but you're gonna run out of beer.

Me: This is a problem...

Ranger: A problem that I'm assuming you did not plan for.

Me: That is correct ma'am.

After about 5 minutes of friendly conversation I realized it wasn’t happening, I tried everything, I even had her laughing to the point of snorts, it wasn’t enough. I recorded the whole interaction but alas, my memory card needed to be reformatted and I lost 5 hours of footage, it's not my day. The Ranger recommended that I stay at the resort two miles back, apparently they have free wifi so I could at least connect and try to get a reservation for the following day. I showed up to the Resort and walked right in like I belonged. Nobody questioned me, after firing up the laptop I found out that the next available day pass to Yosemite was in fact, 8 days away, that simply wouldn’t work. I found a back country camp spot about a quarter mile down the road from the resort so I parked the Kia and walked back up to the Resort for the night to see if I could capitalize. Turns out I was able to get a free cocktail from the poolside bar but that was about it, good enough.

Me: Hey man, I'll take a margarita.

Poolside Bartender: You got it man, what room are you staying in?

Me: I have no clue, my girlfriend booked it. She's in charge I just pay for shit and follow orders.

Bartender: *Chuckles* I hear ya man, well this one's on me.

Me: I appreciate ya.

Moro Rock Views

The next morning I woke up and took off for Sequoia National Park, no pass required. I arrived at 11 am at the Park and reserved a campsite. I started exploring around 11:30 and rolled back into my campsite around 9. I gotta say, this park is amazing! So much to see, you could spend a week here. I’m not going to though because I miss people.

Sequoia Park Must Do's

Moro Rock

General Sherman Tree

Crystal Cave

Tunnel Log

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