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Oregon Coast

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Tuesday May 25 - Wednesday May 26

I only gave myself two days to drive down the Oregon Coast, big mistake. You need a couple weeks to do it right, I may double back for some fun in the sun this summer. Oregon coast rocks.

I left McMinnville around 7 am heading west. My Portland tour guide recommended that I go to Pacific City first before heading south so I did jus that. I rolled into Pacific City around 8 am, parked in a paid parking area, didn't pay, and began my hike up the sand dunes. It turned out being a god damn trek but it was definitely worth it. Some really cool rock formations, viewpoints, and beach access. Best part, Pelican Brewing is in the public parking lot that you park in for the hike, so after your hike, beer thirty. After spending a few hours in Pacific City I headed south on the 101. It's impossible to drive down the 101 without stopping a million times to take pictures but I got some serious BANGERS. One of my favorite places that I stopped was Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It's a National Park so a Park car will get you in, otherwise it's 7 bones. I posted a few pictures on the gram and I shit you not one of my friends from high school happened to be in Newport City (5 miles south) for the weekend. Life rocks. We met up at Rogue on SW Bay Blvd for a few drinks and a few more. Had a blast.

After drinks I went to Nye Beach and grabbed some grub at a place called Chowder Bowl. Obviously I ordered a clam chowder bowl, bomb as fuck. The parking lot on the beach that I parked at said "16 Hour Public Parking" so I asked my waitress what that was all about and she said, "you can sleep in your car there people do it all the time." Apparently I looked like someone who sleeps in their car because she knew why I was asking. After the chowder I parked my car in the most level space I could find and I walked 100 yards to a place called The Tap House at Nye Creek to watch the Lakers game and drink myself into oblivion so I could sleep through the night (first night sleeping in the car, little nervous). After the Lakers closed out the Warriors and I closed out my tab I stumbled to my car. When I went to bed I as the only one in the parking lot, not the case when I woke up...

3 am: 15 to 20 of the loudest cars in production pull into the parking lot, what the fuck? So I'm obviously peeking out the windows to see what the hell is going on and I'm thinking this is it, I'm gettin' murdered. Not the case, they were grabbing blankets and lawn chairs. Well now I have to know. I stumble out of my car without unlocking it first which sets the alarm off, everyone's looking at me. I stink like beer and my eyes aren't fully open. They're more afraid of me than I am of them at this point, ball is in my court. "What's going on out here?" I ask the nearest person. They informed me that there

was a blood moon occurring. "Oh...what's that?" Apparently it's an eclipse. I looked up at the sky, looked back at the man filling me in, and said, "hey that's pretty neat" and went right back to bed. An hour and a half later they all got back into their cars and woke me up again, fuck it, I'm up! Got an early start on my trip to California.

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