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Northern Coast, CA

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

June 2 to June 7

On Wednesday, June 2 I slowly made my way to the Prairie Creek Redwood National Forest near Orick, CA. I stopped in Arcata and Eureka, CA on my way because, I'm in no hurry. Both towns were cold and gross, I got the hell out of there to head toward the Redwoods for the night.

I ended up in a town called Orick, CA. At the local grocery store I bought a six pack of beer and an ice cream sandwich for dinner. I asked the clerk if there was a good spot for me to sleep in my car overnight and she recommended The Old Highway. Apparently it overlooked “The Lagoon”, whatever that is. So I get to driving up this big ass hill that eventually turns into the old highway and this place looked like the beginning of a horror movie. I mean straight up, murder avenue. Turns out, there were some pull outs every so often that made for the most beautiful campsites. Never doubt the recommendation of a local. Each site overlooked “The Lagoon” and the ocean. Definitely worth the sketchy drive and I didn't get murdered. The next morning I woke up bright and early and made out for The Redwoods. My god they are gorgeous.

You can’t even fathom how incredibly tall they are until you’re standing right underneath them. They just keep going and going. I hiked for 17 miles and only saw about 8 or 9 other people hiking around. I don’t think people give a shit about trees anymore. After my trek through the trunks I thought to myself, “Man that was really cool but I miss people”. I love people, I love meeting people, laughing with people, drinking with people, I miss people. The trees were incredible, but the most amazing thing we have is one another. Without your people you got nothing, remember that. (The mushiest I will ever get) That night I drove to the Bear River Casino in Fernbridge, CA. They allow travelers to stay in the parking lot for three nights as long as you sign up for a rewards card. The first guy at the door informed me that you couldn’t sleep in a regular SUV, it had to be an RV or converted camper vehicle. So I went to the bar and waited for a shift change. The second guy at the door gave me a pass. Gotta know the rules to work the system baby.

Friday morning I went into Arcata to check out the Planet Fitness (I needed to shower). I paid $10 for a day pass because I wasn’t yet convinced that I wanted a monthly membership. After a day of working out I went to the front desk and asked about the perks of a monthly. You can use any location nationwide, unlimited massage chairs and hydro massage, and showers whenever I needed them, worth it. I paid the year membership up front. After a workout and a shower I went to Ferndale, CA. It was an awesome little Dutch style town near the ocean. I found a coffee shop called Mind's Eye that allowed me to loiter for 7 hours for the price of a coffee. I edited the shit out of some videos before realizing I needed to get up and move around. I went to the local art gallery to check out what the Ferndale hippies were cooking up. I met a local photographer there, Dan. After talking about photography for a half hour I asked Dan, "What are a few things I need to see in Ferndale before I leave?". Dan replied, and I shit you not, he said, "the cemetery."

The beach was pretty cool, the road was basically right on the beach, in fact there was a sign that said the road get’s flooded with water sometimes during high tide. After enjoying a beer on the beach I cruised back to the casino to get some sleep. Saturday I went back to Arcata for a workout and then had a day in the casino lounge editing videos. An 81 year old lady came and sat next to me and asked what movie she had seen me in before. I told her no movie that I've ever seen and she said well you just have a nice face then I guess. I’m still walking on the clouds from that one. What an angel. Sunday morning I hit the gym and then drove south to Fort Bragg, Glass Beach, and eventually ended up at Clear Lake. It was so god damn windy in Fort Bragg that I left. I drove east to Clear Lake because there was a Casino there that allowed you to park for free. You know, before this trip I hated casinos, it’s only right that they turn out to be an absolute life saver. Clear Lake sucked. The lake itself was gorgeous, the towns on the lake, not so much.

I woke up Monday morning and took off for the Bay area, first stop Petaluma!

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