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New Album: The Off-Season

J. Cole does it again. Three years after the release of "KOD" he drops "The Off-Season" and god damn it slaps. Within the first 40 seconds he calls out other rappers by saying, "I can't believe these fuckin' clowns, look how everybody clappin' when your 30 song album do a measly hundred thou'." If you're not hooked after the first 40 seconds then rap music isn't for you.

Most of your favorite rappers consider J. Cole to be their favorite rapper. From his lyrics to his "anti fame" demeanor, he continues to remind us why he belongs in the rap hall of fame. Every time he drops something new you've got to go back to "The Warmup" and listen to his discography all the way through. Every album get's better.

Apparently he is retiring after his newest album. However, retiring in rap is like retiring in the MMA, they always come back. He better come back. I need more J. Cole and Kendrick collabs. An entire album would be preferred.

Listen to the whole damn thing start to finish. Then do it again.

9 5 . s o u t h: *****

a m a r i: ****

m y . l i f e: ****

a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e: *****

p u n c h i n' . t h e . c l o c k: *****

1 0 0 . m i l: *****

p r i d e . i s . t h e . d e v i l: ****

l e t . g o . m y . h a n d: *****

i n t e r l u d e: *****

t h e . c l i m b . b a c k: *****

c l o s e: ****

h u n g e r . o n . h i l l s i d e: ****

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