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March Madness Is Over

You no longer have an excuse to drink beer 5 days a week, oh wait, it's baseball/golf season now, yes you do.

I'd like to start by saying that I live in Spokane, thus, I am a Gonzaga fan. I write this blog a day after Baylor made us look like children on the National spotlight. Not once during the game did I think, "We have a chance". What a depressing 40 minutes. By the time the game was over I couldn't decide if I should drink more, angrily, or go home and go to bed, I chose the latter.

The entire 2021 tournament as a whole was hardly watchable. The only game worth re-watching was the Gonzaga UCLA matchup. Blowouts were aplenty and buzzer beaters were hard to come by. My bracket was nuked by the second round, my liver was fed up by the second game, and my wallet was hurtin' by the second hour. What happened to the March magic? Maybe I'm just getting old and don't care anymore but I refuse to believe that March has lost it's mojo babay. It'll be back next year and I'll do the same thing: drink, cheer for teams that I've never heard of, cry, sleep, repeat.

I'd like to congratulate whoever won our bracket tournament. I seriously haven't looked at it since the second round. No clue who won. I hope they're winnings get spent on a traffic ticket or taxes. I was planning on using that extra dough on a weekend of golf, so much for spending $300 to shoot in the low 90's.

I hope your bracket looked prettier than mine did, and if not, cheer up champ, it's Masters week. Grab your wife's boyfriends credit card, buy a one month subscription to PGA Network, convince friends to bring over some beer, and relax baby. Oh and put $500 on Koepka, dude's built different. Good luck out there sports fan.

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