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Lynden, WA

I went up to the great north to visit an old friend and check out Canada. I drove 7 hours and finally arrived in Lynden, WA, which is about 10 minutes south of the Canadian border. I was so excited to see Vancouver and say words like "aboot" instead of about. Turns out, Canadian border is closed, son of a bitch.

I pulled into Lynden around 6 pm on Tuesday, May 11th. I knew right away that I needed some food or I was going to be bad company. My hostess happened to be hungry as well so she hopped in my car and we set off to wine and dine. Let me paint a picture for you: I am in a town that I have never been to in my life, my host on the other hand grew up there. I ask her where we should go to eat, you know, what's good around town? She replies by saying, "You choose". Certainly she was joking so I chuckled and said to her, "Seriously though, where are we going?" She doubled down, "You choose". And with that, she proved that women cannot decide where to eat, ever. Some stereotypes are true.

Finally she chose a place, we drove there, it was closed, she chose another place, we drove there, it was open. It ended up being worth the headache. Name of the place is Luna's in Bellingham. Food was bomb, environment was classy but not too classy. You have to get the deep fried cauliflower appetizer or you're fuckin' up. The next day I woke up and cried because Canada was still closed. Fortunately Kayla was hellbent on showing me a good time and she took me to Birch Bay on the coast.

This was one of the coolest little coastal towns you ever saw. Old "fishing wharf" style houses on the beach and plenty of bars and restaurants to go 'round. We sat on the roof of The Bay Breeze Restaurant and had lunch overlooking the bay. How many times can I say "bay" in one blog post? Anyway, food was dank, ordered seafood obviously. After Bay Breeze we hit Beach Cat's for a drink and cruised on back to Lynden.

Now Lynden itself is a small, unassuming town but it's cool as hell. The main street, "Front Street" is filled with Dutch style buildings and windmills. There's old dutch windmills all over this god damn town, makes it impossible to get around because you always get the windmills mixed up.

My favorite place to drink coffee and loiter for free wi-fi while Kayla was at work was a place called Avenue Bread Company. Apparently there are a few of them in the area. They had a killer food menu (I only bought a coffee) and they were constantly busy so it must be good. Definitely recommend if you're in the area. The waitress was gorgeous so to make small talk I asked her what she suggested on the menu (knowing I wasn't going to buy anything). She suggested the "Eggenue" breakfast biscuits, whatever that is.

All in all Lynden is a great little town. The more I travel the more I realize, most towns are pretty cool, it's the people in the town's that make them great. A big thanks to Kayla for hosting my homeless ass.

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