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It's 4/20 Maaan

Happy 4/20 to all of the degenerate Blockheads out there. Just kidding, weed is cool and I would smoke the shit out of it if it didn't make me paranoid.

There was a time not so long ago that I used to wake and bake and then bake all day until bed at regular intervals. I was getting twice baked like a potato on the regular duuude. Then one day, the sticky icky made me paranoid, so this post is for all my troopers out there that still burn em' down to the stinger, today is your day.

There's nothing quite like a day dedicated completely to the green stuff, the herb, the devils lettuce, the ganja, the skunk, the broccoli, the chronic, the good ol' Mary Jane. If you're in a legal state, head on down to your nearest pot shop and take advantage of the discounts. If you're in a state that's a little bit behind the times, that's fine too, go support your local drug dealer. I used to love when people would host 4/20 parties. You would show up super excited to get high with strangers, try new forms of smoking, new strains, and 6 foot bongs. About an hour into the party you would quickly realize that weed and partying don't exactly go hand in hand. 30% of the partygoers would get too high and try to compensate with booze. When the booze break out, it's over. Cross fades start getting dished out left and right, one of your buddies turns an awful shade of green, and you start asking yourself how many bags of chips is too many bags of chips. Hang in there though, it's only noon, the edibles haven't even come out of the oven yet.

Say what you will about stoners but there's no arguing their creativity. When it comes to alcohol there's only one way to get it done, drink it. As for weed, you got options. Bongs, bubblers, pipes, blunts, joints, spliffs, cookies, brownies, dabs, that one thing that fills up a plastic bag and you suck through a tube. My favorite go to: shatter oil. You get your hands on some 85% THC concentrate and you can kiss your structured train of thought good-fucking-bye. You're now in la la land. Don't worry though, you can't possibly get any higher so feel free to smoke as many joints, blunts, and bong rips as you'd like. You're already toast, there's no coming back. My least favorite stoners are the ones that like to go outside after a "tough sesh". Hey man, relax, sit down. Nature doesn't have pizza in the oven and FIFA on the TV. Walking uphill in the woods is for people who aren't high as shit, play your role.

Seize the day stoners, it only comes around once a year. As for you non smokers out there, sit back and watch the show. Now go stock the freezer with microwavable goods and the cupboards with chips and cereal, you're going to need them.

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