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I’d like to start by saying that I love all my friends to death and would die for each and every one of them. Having said that I hope all of their daughters are strippers, here’s why.

About a month ago I decided (I mean really fuckin’ decided) that Block City is what I’d like to spend my time on for the rest of my life. Now I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet (blog, vlog, podcasts, film, media distribution etc..) but I do know this, I’m going to do it until it makes me rich as fuck. I already had some video content that I uploaded, next, I started a blog. While I was slaving away tirelessly behind my keyboard undergoing some early signs of carpal tunnel I thought to myself, “Hey, what the fuck am I doing?” Why am I trying to create 10 blog posts a week? Why don’t I just reach out to my friends, (and I hate to admit this but they’re all uniquely funny as fuck) and have each one of them type one measly blog post per week to add to the content on Block City. So I got on the horn and sent out a group text. Oh they were stoked. “Can’t wait to write one about this and that” they said. Some of these rat fink fucks even went so far as to send me rough drafts. “Great”, I thought. They seem excited, can’t wait to see what they come up with. Odd’s are only 2 in 10 will be useable but that’s better than nothing.

Turns out that nothing is exactly what I got. These cousin fucking, no good pole smokers (again, I love them with my whole heart) haven’t sent me one post. I hope they all get the clap. At least that would give them something to write about. Maybe they aren’t as creative as I thought. No, that couldn’t be it. Most of them have been living off of unemployment for almost a whole year now (some are claiming in multiple states). Brains surely isn’t the problem. The majority of them have elected to acquire a seasonal girlfriend with winter approaching, fucking idiots. Although, that should only provide more content to draw from. I can’t figure it out. I offer an unpaid creative outlet that benefits someone other than yourself and nobody jumps at the opportunity? Often times my friends pay one another back with beer instead of money (again, fucking idiots). Maybe if I offer beer for completed posts they would be more cooperative.

I don’t know, really, I don’t. I just hope they all lose unemployment and have to get jobs selling cars. Assholes.

To be continued….

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