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Darkside Hacker Group Is Straight Out Of A Movie

If you're like me and don't watch the news then you probably aren't aware that a group of hackers have planted "ransomware" (don't ask, I don't know) into Colonial oil pipeline computer systems. Now, this is most likely going to make gas prices go up, which sucks for us, but you gotta hear this story, this Darkside group is straight out of a movie.

Apparently this Darkside group has been operating for quite some time now. They do extensive research on companies prior to hacking their system. They learn about operations, scale, inventory, upper management, so on and so forth. After digging up some dirt on these companies they release "ransomware" into their uhh like mainframe or whatever, again, don't know. They ask for up to 20 million dollars, depending on the case. They've been doing this for awhile now so I'm assuming they're being paid most of the time and are obviously untraceable. God I wish I was good with computers. I'd give up my hair to be tech savvy, I'd go bald as hell.

Here's the best part. These badass hacker mother fuckers donate a lot of their earnings to charity. They try to appear as vigilante's to the public. They even have a hotline you can call if you were a victim of their work and feel you were wrongly targeted. These guys are like the Robinhood's of the Dark Web, the Batman's of the Internet. To be honest, I'm kind of a fan. ( Disclaimer: BlockCity does not condone illegal activity and we love to follow the law) I may call that victim hotline though as gas prices start to climb, see if I can't get a Costco gas card out of the deal.

Anyhow, I don't know anything about this stuff, I just thought it was an interesting story. If my information is inaccurate or more likely, completely wrong, whoops. Happy Monday Blockheads.

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