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Best Road Trip Snacks

When you walk into a gas station to load up on road trip snacks you're immediately overwhelmed by the options. Let's be honest, the best road trip snacks are as follows: Redbull, beef jerky, Trolli eggs, and Doritos. The problem with this is, diabetes. So you have to tone it back a bit and get something that tastes good, but won't kill you before you reach your destination.

Personally, I like to keep some nuts in the car. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, or even pistachios if you're ballin' like that. These stretch a long way. They fill you up without destroying your insides. I bought a Costco sized tub of peanuts and on my 9 hour drive from Canada to Boise I must have had 2000 peanuts. So you do need to check yourself. Maybe go for the fun size bag instead of the 5 gallon drum. I'd be lying if I said I don't get the occasional candy bar. Big Milky Way guy here. Snickers, Babe Ruth, Twix, and Reeses are all fair game. One candy bar won't kill ya. When it comes to drinks I try to stick to water but you can only crush tap water for so long before you start to feel like a square. When I'm being gluttonous I like to pound a sugar free Rockstar or, the tried and true, Diet Coke. Nothing beats a Diet Coke. If you're a chip person you can't go wrong with Tim's Jalapeño potato chips. Flaming hot Cheetos are off limits, too much red powder left behind. Your pant legs and your steering wheel will never be the same after a bag of flaming hots, god they're good though.

Starting Lineup:

1) Peanuts (no shell)

2) Diet Coke

3) Milky Way

4) Tim's Jalapeno Chips

Stay away from the sugar loaded energy drinks and gummy candy and you should be A okay. I love me a good road trip and the snacks make all the difference. Choose wisely.

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