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A Weekend in Newport Beach and West Hollywood

July 7 to July 9

I had a family reunion over the 4th of July. A great little reset and refresher. I flew back into LAX on the 6th. Sarah picked me up and took me back to Laguna Niguel, she really is the best. We hung out and shared stories about the last 5 or 6 days and watched some reality TV. I went to bed early because Dru was flying into LAX the next morning and I wanted to be in prime shape for his arrival. Can't wait to see that bastard, I've missed him.

"That Bastard"

Wednesday morning I left Sarah's at 7am to pick Dru's ass up. He gave me the worst directions ever when it came to which terminal he was in:

Dru: I'm standing next to a pillar with an E on it

Me: That's so far from helpful that I want to turn around and leave your ass at that pillar.

Dru: I don't know man there's a bunch of people standing around.

Me: Oh perfect, I know right where that is.

Finally I tracked him down. Turns out the pillar comment ended up being helpful. Blaring the horn and blasting his favorite Young Thug song, I swerved in to load him up. We decided we would stay one night in Laguna with Sarah and one night in West Hollywood before we left for Mexico on the 9th. We got back to Sarah's and got the pleasantries out of the way and then immediately started drinking White Claws. Dru got us tickets to an Anaheim Angels game against the Boston Red Sox. Anaheim is about 30 miles north of Laguna Niguel. Sarah dropped Dru and I off and told us to figure out our own way home, again, she's the best. I got into the stadium and immediately bought an Angels hat, boom, I'm a local. Next we searched for a beer. We found a little grab and go mart in the stadium that didn't have much of a line, we walked in. We each grabbed one beer and set it on the counter.

Angels Stadium

Dru pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to the cashier.

Cashier: Two things, we don't accept cash and the total is $35.

Dru: Maybe we won't be getting drunk here.

Me: I've heard that before.

(*We got drunk*)

Dru does this thing where he likes to pay for cheap seats and then after the first inning move closer and closer to home plate. We moved twice. In his life Dru has probably racked up nearly $100,000 in unpaid for live sporting events. Sarah texted me in the 7th inning and said she was willing to come pick us up, I didn't even have to ask, I'm getting good at this mooching thing I guess. After the game we popped across the street to Golden Road Brewing and had a couple reasonably priced beers and waited for our ride.

By the time Sarah arrived we were obliterated and approaching catatonic, it was 4pm. She took us back to her place and told us to get ready for our night in Newport Beach, apparently it was going to be a very classy affair, haha, yeah right. I thought beer at the stadium was expensive… Newport Beach is next level money. Cocktails went for about 25 bones. After spending 180 dollars and getting way too drunk we decided to go to a bar that was a little more our speed and tax bracket. By the time we got there I was too drunk so I did what I always do when I'm too drunk, I ditched my friends and played billiards with a stranger. I slept like a rock that night.

"A Classy Affair"

The next day Dru and I loaded up and said our goodbyes to Sarah. If I ever get rich I’m going to buy that woman a vacation to anywhere she wants to go, and then give her 50 grand. She let me stay for 8 days, gave me a key to the house and basically let me move in, so god damn sweet of her. Dru and I went to Anaheim on our way to West Hollywood to play a round of golf. We got paired with a couple of local guys that ended up being a hoot. The hangover is always easier when you’re active. We shot somewhere in the 90’s and then loaded up in the car to go to West Hollywood. We got to the hotel just in time to park and then go to the comedy store for their Thursday night show. We went to one of those shows where a bunch of comedians get 20 minutes. Erik Griffin was the biggest name on the list but it said *surprise guest* at the bottom so we figured a somewhat big name might show up. We had no idea that it was going to be Bill Burr. When they announced that he was up next Dru almost had a fuckin' seizure. That alone was worth the $40 a ticket. We left the club around 11. West Hollywood was surprisingly dead so we just went to a bar nearby and had a beer. We ripped scooters around for awhile until Dru crashed and did a volleyball roll in the middle of the road, we realized we weren’t in shape to be scootin’ and headed back to the Hotel for some sleep.

The next morning I woke up bright and early with a ton of energy and went to get us some coffee. I got back to the room and Dru was still sleeping, I woke his ass up, time to go mother fucker. We drove out to a friends house to park the car for 10 days and got an Uber from there to the airport. $70, god damn. Time to go to Mexico baby!

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